David Zingery, CSO

RTI Welcomes David Zingery as Chief Strategy Officer

CLEVELANDMay 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Cleveland, OH headquartered, Real Time Intelligence (RTI) announces that David Zingery has been appointed chief strategy officer, a newly created role, effective May 25th, 2022. As chief strategy officer, Zingery will become a member of RTI’s executive committee and lead the advancement and execution of the company’s growth and strategy.



Zingery will work closely with the company’s CEO to oversee global sales, marketing, and growth, creating and implementing strategies that position Real Time Intelligence for continued expansion.


“Our company’s strength lies in the prescriptive analytics created by our platform (eP360™), the insights and expertise of our team, and most importantly, our unrelenting customer obsession,” said Dave Horvat, CEO of RTI. David’s knowledge, experience in strategic growth, product innovation, and customer impact will drive our company’s evolution, and I look forward to collaborating with him in this critical role.”

“I am honored to accept this new position and look forward to working closely with Dave and the executive committee to advance our company’s strategy and amplify the value of our asset management, traceability, and supply chain visibility offering,” Zingery said. “I am inspired by RTI’s legacy of innovation and its prioritization of the customer experience, not the price. As we continue to provide secure and accurate IoT solutions to supply chain ‘problems,’ I am humbled to have the opportunity to help sustain these values.”

“His proven ability to guide customers through the complexities of digital transformation across numerous landscapes and his first-hand experience developing high-growth, startup technology organizations will be highly valued. We are embarking on a series of significant investment and growth over the next 8-12 months, and Zingery will be leading that charge,” stated Dave Horvat.

Zingery has spent the past two years directly consulting for startup software and technology organizations in a fractional CSO, CTO, and CMO capacity. Previously, the head of client strategy, multinational accounts at Surgere, he focused on aligning the priorities of large, global clientele to an intentionally designed value path and customer success strategy. During his nine years at Surgere, Zingery was foundational to their growth and served in multiple capacities, ranging from the head of marketing to global growth and strategy.

“There isn’t a better traceability and insights platform on the market. RTI has been steady in its mission to provide real-time supply chain visibility insights. With over 250 million reusable packaging assets moving through eP360, the insights, operational optionality, and value they provide to the commercial flooring, automotive, food & beverage, and baking industries alone is unparalleled. My new role aligns perfectly with my passions, and I couldn’t be prouder to embark on this journey with such an authentic team of people who truly strive to make a difference for their customers day in and day out.” Said Zingery.

Residing in Canton, Ohio, David constantly seeks adventure on new golf courses, ski slopes, and bike trails. In addition, he loves spending time with his wife and five sons.

Connect with David Zingery directly via LinkedIn or email him at dzingery@rtintel.com.

About Real Time Intelligence:

As the leading provider of real-time visibility and intelligence (IoT technologies/SaaS) solutions, RTI is uniquely focused on providing traceability data and insights around assets (finished goods, tooling, materials, parts, etc.) and reusable packaging moving through complex manufacturing and supply chain environments.

RTI’s platform, eP360™, provides:

  • Strategic planning and communication modules to develop redundancy scenarios and performance-to-plan metrics.
  • A global enterprise platform designed for asset management. Keeping ecosystem relationships accountable for their part of the “plan.”
  • Operational optionality through actionable insights and prescriptive analytics -allowing companies to focus on impact while saving significant time and money.