Plan for Every Part: Data Hub & Data Repository

The Source of Truth
ERP systems require expensive, complex, and routine maintenance to keep their systems running efficiently. They are central to day-to-day activities but can become absolute nightmares without a simple and structured process for routine data updates. That’s why Lean Manufacturers introduce Plan for Every Part (PFEP).

PFEP performs two major activities:

  • Packaging plans: gather and track data involved with parts, components, supplies, WIP inventories, raw materials, finished goods, and any other form of material used in your processes.
  • Asset movement: based on the plan, what path does the asset take from where it is sourced to where it is used on the production floor.

Ultimately, PFEP identifies inefficiencies by providing intelligence to drive necessary action.

Key Features

  • Work In Progress Tracking and Alerts
  • Order Management
  • Finished Goods Inventory
  • Production Audit
  • Track and Trace Technology
  • Custom Workflows and Smart Validation Rules
  • Monitors Internal and External Route Data


  • Track Real-Time Part Movement
  • Increase Utilization Efficiency
  • Reduce Production Downtime
  • Ensure Precise Production Planning
  • Collaborate with Global Trading Partners
  • Increase Sustainability Focus
  • Anticipate Demand & Space Requirements
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