Crains Notables in Manufacturing

RTI CEO named to Crain’s Notables in Manufacturing

The 2022 Crain’s Notables in Manufacturing honorees highlight ingenuity, innovation, and inspiration. The list includes companies that are longtime businesses and new thinkers — from rolled steel to packaging for medical cannabis; from promoting manufacturing in local communities to a life sciences entity that keeps us healthy; from a business run by the son of Cuban immigrants to family-owned and -operated businesses that have been in Cleveland for years. These 25 notables in manufacturing are a diverse representation of hard work and commitment. In their various efforts in manufacturing, they provide jobs, drive the economy and point to the future — while standing on the shoulders of those who did the work in the past.



Notables in Manufacturing Dave HorvatDavid Horvat 
President and CEO
Real Time Intel

David Horvat and his company, Real Time Intelligence (RTI) of Independence, developed an award-winning, sensor-based supply chain visibility platform. They currently track the movement of more than 250 million assets across North America and Europe. By leveraging passive data collection, RTI clients have shaved tens of millions in costs out of their supply chains.

The Case Western Reserve University graduate began his 30-plus-year technology career as a systems engineer for Cap Gemini America and has launched three successful startups, including RTI in 2004. Moreover, he is the holder of three U.S. patents utilizing RFID to manage packaging flow and has another pending for load sequencing.

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About Real Time Intel:

As the leading provider of real-time visibility and intelligence (IoT technologies/SaaS) solutions, RTI is focused on providing traceability data and insights around assets (finished goods, tooling, materials, parts, etc.) and reusable packaging moving through complex manufacturing and supply chain environments.

RTI’s flagship platform, eP360™, provides:

  • Strategic planning and communication modules to develop redundancy scenarios and performance-to-plan metrics.
  • A global enterprise platform designed for asset management. Keeping companies and their trading ecosystem relationships accountable for their part of the “plan.”
  • Operational optionality through insights and analytics. As a result, companies can focus on impact while saving significant time and money.

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