of companies agree that they encounter problems with returnable packaging.

How can RTI help?

Real Time Intelligence’s patented software solution, eP360, collects and digests returnable packaging data using sensor-based technology while performing everyday functions.

Dynamic information is displayed in real time, pinpointing problem areas. No more wasting time mining data lakes, sifting through outdated data. Get accurate forecasts around reusable packaging with real-time data and prescriptive insights.

  • Inventory Location, Localization and Asset Association (part-to-packaging)
  • Returnable Container and Packaging Specification Data
  • Asset Management and Track and Trace Visibility
  • Advanced Data Analytics and Integration (Chain of Custody, Accountability, etc.)

Real Time Intelligence’s prescriptive insights allow you to answer…

Who is handling your RTIs when you send them out?

What RTIs are going to which trading partners?

Where are your RTIs?

When did a returnable leave and when (if) it came back?


  • Average turns/cycle times by trading partner
  • Loss volume/percent by trading partner
  • Damage volume/percent by trading partner
RTI's eP360 Software Solution


The agile nature of our solution fills the gaps between existing operational systems, no matter the size.

eP360 is designed to encourage collaboration, accountability, and visibility throughout your supply and value chains.

Network trading partners are working toward the same goals, sharing in the value and savings, and mutually benefitting from the depth of visibility and control.

RTI’s solution is quick to deploy and even easier to manage and integrate with your current systems and processes.

Other Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Secure cloud platform
  • Secure user access
  • Scorecards allow companies to see suppliers activity
  • Open API
  • Data can be made available to third parties for auditing
  • Mobile application to easily monitor assets from anywhere
  • Tags provide a unique identification number for each asset
  • Conforms to GS1 and EPCIS standards

Where will you see ROI?



  • Minimize loss of RTIs by tracking throughout the supply chain

  • Associate product to returnable transport items to help alleviate shrinkage, track spoilage, other product to packaging metrics

  • Decrease labor spent locating and rerouting containers—balance pools

  • Remove human effort and error by automating manual excel tracking entries to a secure cloud structure

How much could eP360’s visibility save you?

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