Most Reliable Supply Chain Visibility Platform Announcement

RTI Named Most Reliable Supply Chain Visibility Platform

For the second year in a row, Real Time Intelligence (RTI) is recognized in the 2022 New World Report’s Software and Technology awards. In 2021, New World Report named RTI as the “Most Reliable Supply Chain Visibility Platform.” This year, RTI kept that title, and was also recognized as the “Best IoT Visibility and Real Time Intelligence Company.”  These awards serve to recognize disruptors of modern technology as well as those who have exhibited long-term dedication to the development and advancements in technology.

The article states “Real Time Intelligence’s name is both descriptor and promise, providing clients with actionable supply chain performance and traceability insights. Ostensibly, it wishes to reassure its clients that they can put their faith in the reliable nature of its always-online monitoring capabilities, keeping track of their supply chains and delivering this information in a quickly analyzed and actionable format. Due to this, it has secured both the award for ‘Most Reliable Supply Chain Visibility Platform’ and the title of the ‘Best IoT Visibility & Real Time Intelligence Company’ in the Mid-Atlantic USA.”

“Empowering companies in the digitization and management of their physical products and assets, RTI has proven itself time and again at the highest levels of scale, volume, an velocity to deliver significant business value, performance, and compliance to the biggest brands in retail, automotive, food and beverage, and beyond.”

The article goes on to show how RTI’s approach to strategic partnerships is driving them towards innovation and their Chief Strategy Officer, David Zingery shares, “At RTI, we believe in our partner community and are diligent in our efforts to create true end-to-end insights with impact. Together with partners such as Barcoding Inc., Impinj, Zebra, Avery Dennision, SLS, and Orbis, we offer our customers unparalleled collaborative solutions, industry expertise, and perspective never before realized.”

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