of reusable plastic trays are estimated to be lost or stolen every year.

More than $10M is spent annually by companies in the food industry just replacing plastic trays.

This doesn’t even account for losses due to inefficient loop, cycle, and turn management; damage and scrap; and other important supply chain inefficiencies.

How much would you save by addressing these issues?

RTI's eP360 Software Solution

How can RTI support you in this initiative?

Real Time Intelligence currently tracks over 220 million assets throughout the food supply chain and that number grows daily.

Our users benefit from a traceability and intelligence platform that is globally proven and performing at the highest level of supply web scale, complexity, volume, and velocity.

eP360 allows you to create and maintain intelligent traceability records through passive data collection using sensor-based technology while performing everyday functions.

Get accurate data surrounding items on the FDA’s Food Traceability List (FTL), reusable packaging (trays, totes, racks, containers), and other supply chain assets.

By utilizing information collected, your company, partners, and other key stakeholders can profit from an advanced level of analytics, while monitoring KPIs.

eP360 has been created, exercised, and refined by customers and industry experts to increase performance metrics and provide deeper insights, evolving far beyond track and trace.


The agile nature of our solution fills the gaps between existing operational systems, no matter the size.

eP360 is designed to encourage collaboration, accountability, and visibility throughout your supply and value chains.

Network trading partners are working toward the same goals, sharing in the value and savings, and mutually benefitting from the depth of visibility and control.

RTI’s solution is quick to deploy and even easier to manage and integrate with your current systems and processes.

Other Key Features

• Conforms to GS1 and EPCIS standards

• Easy-to-use interface

• Secure cloud platform

• Secure user access

• Open API

• Data can be made available to third parties for auditing

• Mobile application to easily add CTEs and KDEs from anywhere

• Tags provide a unique identification number for each asset

• Scorecards allow companies to see suppliers activity

Where will you see ROI?



  • Quickly locate items for recall, minimizing down time and maintaining customer loyalty

  • Understand which farms are producing the best/worst results

  • Through passive IoT solutions you can remove human effort and error by automating manual excel tracking entries to a secure cloud structure

  • Reduce time spent managing the transfer of CTEs and KDEs during the transformation process

  • Minimize labor to adjust records for last minute ingredient changes

  • Reduce labor onboarding new suppliers with a streamlined process

  • Minimize loss of trays and other RTIs by tracking throughout the supply and value chains

  • Associate product to tray to help alleviate shrinkage, track spoilage, other product to tray metrics

  • Reduce/eliminate semi-annual returnable transport item purchases

  • Decrease labor spent locating and rerouting trays—balance pools

  • Drive down cycle days for more asset turns/year

How much could eP360’s visibility save you?

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