Tim Budney Named Director of Delivery

January 19, 2021

Tim Budney, former Agile Project Manager at Real Time Intelligence (RTI), was promoted to the newly created position of Director of Delivery. Some of his responsibilities include oversight of project implementation, customer support, and customer success.

“We know that delivering a quality solution is crucial to our partners’ success. Tim’s entire focus and purpose is to make sure our customers are delighted by ensuring each implementation and deployment is executed with a high level of satisfaction. We want them to be absolutely thrilled that they signed on the dotted line and that they’ve received everything they wanted.” – Dave Horvat, CEO

Tim supports the team in the regular evaluation and optimization of processes and maintains crucial relationships with customers to maximize their solution’s value. Despite their exponential growth – Tim shared that RTI will continue to offer the type of support that allows customers to talk to a real person – one that provides advice and with whom you can have a real relationship.

Before joining RTI in 2019, he worked as a head researcher at Tightrock Solutions. He used his technical expertise to design and write programs, create modules using AI, and ensure tight and automated processes for efficiency. Tim earned his bachelor’s in petroleum engineering from Marietta College and his master’s in computer science from Notre Dame De Amore University. Tim’s expertise includes 12+ years in project management, Safe Scale and Agile Framework certifications, training in waterfall traditional project management scopes, and over ten years of experience in everything from complete waterfall to hyper agile frameworks.

When asked what he is most excited about in his new role, he stated, “the ability to get great domain knowledge and context to help empathize with what the customers need. Because I can focus on it and spend the time with the customers to absorb that, we can take that information and turn it into really elegant solutions to their problems. That’s the most fun part of the software gig – we get to create stuff every day, and if we get to create stuff that the customers really like, and it makes their day easier – that’s when it all pays off.”

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