Tech Leader Shares Growth and 2021 Outlook

Real Time Intelligence, a supply chain SaaS company headquartered in New Kensington, PA, today announced tremendous company growth throughout 2020, despite the pandemic. With the expansion of their suite of patented technology, a doubled employee count, and growth in their customer base – it’s clear that this year has forced many companies to see the importance of real time data and supply chain visibility. This continued momentum speaks to the significant market opportunity and demand for such platforms as their supply chain SaaS offering eP360 visibility solution suite.

Visibility has always been important, but in light of recent supply chain inefficiencies coming to light in the midst of COVID-19, many companies are buckling down and moving these types of initiatives to the top of their priority lists.

Dave Horvat, CEO of Real Time Intelligence, shared, “Our vision is to be the central nervous center for the global supply chain. If it moves in a supply chain, we want it to move through our system somehow. We are participating in blockchain, which is part of that evolution that pervades the supply chain. Our automotive suppliers can see four levels deep with a level of detailed visibility people haven’t had before. It’s all because our clients are passively leveraging sensor-based technology. That means we can collect mass amounts of accurate data without disrupting what you’ve always done. We pick up that data and assemble it in an effective way to help you better manage your supply chain.”

Real Time Intelligence has already proven its expertise working with various clients such as GE, Faurecia, and Tarkett. By mid-2021, they will be tracking and tracing an excess of 65 million moving assets around the supply chain in just North America. If you’re interested in learning more about supply chain SaaS visibility solutions, please click here for more information or visit


About Real Time Intel: RTI is an IoT solution provider with deep Supply Chain expertise. We leverage cutting-edge sensor-based technologies (e.g., RFID, GPS, Sensors) and provide the data necessary to drive new value, optimization and reduce cost. Our eP360 suite of software solutions leverage unmatched levels of accurate data from sensors, providing management controls and metrics that drive strategy and continuous improvement. We unify the supply chain, creating new efficiencies and operational capabilities. Still, we unlock capital to reinvest in new business models that enrich your business and customer experiences, build competitive advantage, and support profitable growth. To schedule a call with our solutions team, click here.